Fuel Economy and the UNs Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals

Fuel Economy and the UN's Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals

An update on the Global Fuel Economy Initiative and the Sustainable Development Agenda.

Release date: April 2014

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50by50 - Prospects and Progress - Executive Summary

GFEI State of the World 2014

This report reviews the recent progress and remaining challenges in fuel economy.  It highlights the new developments, trends, and examples of progress that the GFEI has helped to bring about.

Release date: January 2014

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50by50 - Prospects and Progress - Executive Summary

The Workplan

Describes GFEI’s plans to promote fuel economy globally over the next three years. It outlines planned activities, objectives and targets in the Initiatives three main areas of work – outreach, research and data and in-country policy support.

Release date: April 2012

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50by50 - Prospects and Progress - Executive Summary

The Workplan - Executive Summary

Summarises the GFEI’s plans for the next three years.

Release date: April 2012

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50by50 - Prospects and Progress - Executive Summary

50by50 - Prospects and Progress - Executive Summary

A summary of the '50by50 - Prospects and Progress' report - highlighting the purposes, main messages, principal findings and conclusions.

Release date: February 2011

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50by50 - Prospects and Progress

50by50 - Prospects and Progress

The purpose of this report is two-fold. First, to  assess the prospects for reaching the 50by50 goal in the light of on-going research and other developments that have occurred over the past year or so, and second, to assess the progress being made in reaching that goal.

Release date: January 2011

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50by50 Report

50by50 Report

With the world’s car fleet expected to triple by 2050, and 80% of the growth in rapidly developing economies we have to find ways to reconcile legitimate aspirations for mobility with a reduction in CO2 and improvement in fuel economy across the global car fleet. This report outlines the 50 by 50 challenge, calling for a 50% fuel economy improvement worldwide by 2050.

Release date: March 2009

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50by50 brochure - English

50by50 Brochure

This brochure sets out the aims of the FIA Foundation’s ‘50by50’ vehicle fuel economy policy initiative, in partnership with the UN Environment Programme, International Energy Agency and the International Transport Forum.

Release date: December 2008

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