GFEI launches 2nd 3-year campaign; ICCT joins partnership 


Philippe Schulz, Renault; Stephen Perkins, ITF; Mike Walsh, ICCT; Lew Fulton, IEA; Kurt Van Dender, ITF 
Sheila Watson  Director of Environment FIA Foundation and Duleep Gopalakrishnan, CEO of HD Systems
Sheila Watson and Duleep Gopalakrishnan, CEO of HD Systems, Philippe Schulz, Renault’s Group Expert Leader on Environment, Energy and Raw Materials and Mike Walsh, Chairman of ICCT

The Global Fuel Economy Initiative today announced, at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, the beginning of its second three year effort to improve vehicle fuel economy around the world. It also announced that a new partner – the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT )- has joined the effort.

The GFEI achieved numerous objectives during its first three years, from 2009-2012, including engaging in fuel economy policy making efforts around the world.  The initiative’s new workplan for 2013-15 published today, lays out the challenges which still remain on fuel economy, and outlines the Initiative’s planned response to those challenges.

The GFEI will continue focus on three key areas of work – policy support, outreach and research and analysis. It has set itself three key challenges in each area over the next three years, as well as outlining more specific targets as part of its roadmap for achieving them. For example, to have engaged a further four countries in the in-country policy support toolkit work with which it is already working in Chile, Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.

The launch meeting also heard a range of interesting contributions on the likely future path of fuel economy globally; the specific issues facing countries such as Russia and China; and the fiscal issues around a move towards greater electrification of the EU fleet. Renault presented the industry’s perspective on fuel economy.*

Speaking at the launch of GFEI’s new three year workplan, Sheila Watson Executive Secretary of GFEI and Director of Environment at the FIA Foundation said: “We have been working alongside ICCT for some time now, and we are delighted that they are joining the Global Fuel Economy Initiative as a full partner. The world is not doing enough to address fuel use in cars and light vehicles, and ICCT’s expertise and experience will add further weight to the work which GFEI can do, at this vital time.”

Drew Kodjak, Executive Director of ICCT said: “I believe that ICCT will complement and enhance the great work already being undertaken by GFEI. I look forward to bringing all of our expertise, data and know-how together and to getting the most out of these mutual resources.”

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