Anumita Roychowdhury

Anumita Roychowdhury is in charge of research and advocacy on public health, energy and climate impacts of motorization and sustainable cities programme in the Center for Science and Environment, India.

She has been deeply involved with the building up a public campaign, Right to Clean Air at the center. This is aimed at improving the decision making process related to air quality planning and mobility management, and raise public awareness in India.

She has researched and written widely and designed advocacy. She co-authored the book `Slow Murder: The deadly story of vehicular pollution in India’ in 1996 that catalyzed clean air campaign in CSE. She authored the second book The Leapfrog Factor: Clearing the Air in Asian Cities in 2006 to launch the second generation action in cities. She has published numerous articles and contributed to the series on Citizens Report on the State of India's Environment.

Over the years she has participated in many global forums on environmental issues and is also associated with various regional networks on air pollution and transportation. She has also served on national and international committees on air pollution and transportation related matters.