The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Paris from 30th November to 11th December 2015.

COP21 aimed to achieve a new international agreement to keep global warming below 2 degrees centigrade in 2050 (compared with the climate of the pre-industrial era in 1850). Improved vehicle fuel economy is vital for mitigating the impact of climate change as part of package of measures to reduce carbon emissions from transport. GFEI was showcased throughout the conference.

GFEI's message to COP21 Paris 2015

GFEI's latest film makes a strong case for global action on fuel economy.

GFEI attended COP21 in Paris 2015 to discuss and promote the benefits of improved fuel economy. The benefits are many, not least of which are the huge carbon savings which achieving the GFEI targets would bring. With up to 33 gigatonnes up for grabs - as well as gains in energy security, resource waste and even air quality, this film lays out the strong rational for action on fuel economy now.

GFEI Fuel Economy State of the World 2016


The GFEI launched its Annual Report entitled ‘Fuel Economy State of the World 2016: Time for Global Action’ in late 2015.

The report reviews the recent progress and remaining challenges in fuel economy and highlights the new developments, trends, and examples of progress that the GFEI has helped to bring about.

Download 'Fuel Economy State of the World 2016' here

The GFEI has a track record of ambitious action in reducing emissions. Funding from the EC, GEF, UNEP and FIA Foundation enables us to provide ongoing support to many countries as they develop fuel economy policies.

The GFEI is an ‘Accelerator’ initiative of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All), a UN initiative which promotes renewable energy, improved energy access, and energy efficiency. SE4ALL recognises fuel economy as a ‘high impact opportunity’. GFEI is also an implementing agency of the G20’s energy efficiency in transport workstream which was recently reaffirmed at the G20’s Energy Ministerial in Turkey.

GFEI is included as part of the transport and energy efficiency initiatives in the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA). It is also part of the Clean Air and Climate Coalition (CCAC), the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, organised by SLoCaT and Michelin.

GFEI was showcased in several different events at the COP, as we made our commitment to action.

Date and TimeEventLocation*Description
Mon 30 Nov to Fri 11 Dec Sustainable Transport exhibit with TRF/ITDP Blue zone, Le Bourget Showcasing GFEI's reports and information
Wed 02 Dec (17:15-18:45) ITF: Mitigating the climate change impacts of urban travel Hall 3, Salle 7: Blue zone, Le Bourget Introduction to GFEI's '100 for 50 by 50' campaign
Thu 03 Dec (10:15-13:30) Transport LPAA half day Observer Room 12, Blue zone, Le Bourget GFEI highlighted the impact in reducing emissions through fuel economy policy in Chile
Thu 03 Dec (13:00-15:30) FIA Foundation AGM Intercontinental Le Grand, Paris GFEI's work as part of the FIA Foundation's 'Safe, Clean, Fair and Green' agenda.
Thu 03 Dec (17:00-23:00) PPMC Clean Mobility Reception (Invitation only)   Event hosted by Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, including major transport initiatives.
Sat 05 Dec (11:30-13:00) GFEI Side Event: Pathways to Sustainable Mobility through Local, National and Global Action (with Clean Air Asia, CTS Mexico, IPIECA) Room 4, Blue zone, Le Bourget GFEI launched new 'Fuel Economy State of the World 2016' report
Sun 06 Dec (09:00-19:00;
side event: 11:30-12:45)
Low Carbon Transport Day International Union of Railways HQ GFEI part of side event on fuel efficiency showcasing fuel economy progress and announcing work in 40 new countries.

Mon 07 Dec (10:30-12:00
and 12:15-13:45)

UNEP Energy Efficiency: The Game Changer Le Bourget (Climate Generations Space)
Room 10 (1st half) and Caring for Climate area (2nd half)
Interview and panel on fuel economy about GFEI's impact
Mon 07 Dec (14:00-15:30) Messages From Non-State Actors on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport The Netherlands Climate Pavilion: Blue Zone GFEI contributing
Mon 07 Dec (15:00-18:15) SE4ALL LPAA Energy Efficiency half-day Observer Room 12, Blue zone, Le Bourget Announcement of new GFEI resources and regional impact of GFEI
Tue 08 Dec (14:00-15:30) High Level Zero Emission Vehicle Event (ZEV Alliance and IEA) The Netherlands Climate Pavilion: Blue Zone GFEI is signing up to the Electro-Mobility Declaration

*All events are in the Blue zone (secure area requiring official pass) of the Le Bourget site, unless otherwise stated.

‘100 for 50 by 50’


To mark COP21, GFEI is announcing ambitious action to improve fuel economy globally – our ‘100 for 50 by 50’ campaign. We are using the vital political momentum of the SDG, G20 and COP processes to get 100 countries to commit to our goals of an average 50% improvement in the fuel economy of all vehicles by 2050. Our research shows that this is possible using existing cost-effective technologies. Countries committing to this are expressing:

  • Global commitment – to publically support the GFEI’s target to double fuel economy of the global passenger vehicle fleet by 2050, and for new passenger vehicles by 2030.
  • Domestic commitment to develop and adopt national policies to improve fuel economy for new passenger vehicles, consistent with GFEI targets, recognising that each country starts from its own baseline.
  • Resources and engagement commitment to actively contribute to the efforts of the GFEI, which could include:
    • Sending representatives to the annual GFEI training summit
    • Dedicating staff time to develop fuel economy database and policies, in collaboration with GFEI partner organisations
    • Engaging in regional initiatives on fuel economy as appropriate, and provide technical or financial support to these efforts as available