Bert Fabian

Bert Fabian is a Programme Officer within the Transport Unit of the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics.

He is task manager for the unit's work on the GFEI, and leads the activities of Unit in Asia. Prior to joining UNEP in March 2013, he was the Transport Program Manager of Clean Air Asia, a non-stock non-profit regional organization based in Manila with offices in Beijing and Delhi. He worked for Clean Air Asia since it was hosted by the Asian Development Bank in 2001. He developed various programs, projects, and studies related to transportation, environment, and urban planning in Asia.

Bert holds a Masters degree on Urban and Regional Planning major in Transportation, and a B.S. Biology degree from the University of the Philippines. He has sufficient experience in policy development and stakeholder facilitation and considers himself a generalist with adequate knowledge on various technological and non-technological issues related to transport, environment and climate change. His current interests include looking at the use of economic instruments to facilitate implementation of sustainable transport policies.