Rob de Jong

Rob de Jong is Head of the Transport Unit in UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE). He holds degrees in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Policy.

Prior to joining the United Nations he worked as a consultant for The Netherlands Government. In 1996 he joined UN-HABITAT to work for the joint UNEP/ UN-HABITAT Sustainable Cities Programme, supporting cities to develop their urban environmental planning and management capacities. In 1998 he joined UNEP to work on urban environment issues. In 2000 he became the Special Assistant for the Director of the Division of Policy Development and Law in UNEP. From 2002 he has been responsible for UNEP’s Urban Environment Unit, followed by the Transport Unit since 2008.

The Unit’s activities include developing UNEP’s strategic direction in the area urbanization and the environment, the cooperation between UNEP and UN-HABITAT and other Partners and integrating the urban dimension into key global environment issues such as climate change. He is also working on UNEP led partnerships, notably the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), promoting improved urban air quality in developing countries.

Rob is married and has a daughter and a son.