GFEI supports Fuel Efficiency Labelling in Asia-Pacific

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In March GFEI partner the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) provided expert training at an Asia-Pacific Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Labelling Workshop in Singapore.

This workshop, funded by the Asia-Pacific Economic Commission (APEC), was part of a Review of the Design and Effectiveness of Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Labelling and Consumer Information Schemes led by the New Zealand Government. GFEI provided resources and training materials for the event.

More than 40 participants attended the workshop about existing labelling and associated consumer information schemes, including experts and stakeholders in the field. The workshop presented preliminary results from a survey of vehicle fuel efficiency labelling schemes in APEC (and non-APEC) economies and highlight information gaps. Representatives from different economies and regions shared experience of their labelling schemes. The workshop provided an opportunity for discussion between economies on current and planned labelling schemes and exchanging ideas about challenges and best practice. The outcomes from the workshop will be a report recommending best practice for economies that wish to develop or enhance a vehicle fuel efficiency labelling scheme.

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