COP22 transport team highlights GFEI

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The COP22 meeting which is taking place in Marrakech, Morocco over the next ten days presents a huge opportunity to share and showcase the work which FIAF supports and leads.

Chief amongst these efforts is the GFEI, a global partnership which seeks to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, and in so doing to save substantial resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

At COP21 in Paris last year GFEI committed to increasing the number of new countries with whom they would engage in fuel economy policy development. The effort - part of the '100 for 50by50' initiative - has been hugely successful in 2016, and at COP22 we will launch an update report on that progress.

GFEI will also announce plans for 2017, which will include a focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Heavy Duty vehicles (HDVs), as well as a specific geographical focus on Africa.

For more information on GFEI at COP22 click here.