GFEI achievements recognised in COP22 roundup

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GFEI acknowledged in COP22 roundup video.
GFEI acknowledged in COP22 roundup video.

The amazing progress of GFEI in securing the agreement of 40 new countries across the globe to take part in our work to promote fuel economy, was recognised in the COP22 roundup on transport.

To see a video of the COP22 roundup please click here.

Sheila Watson, Executive Secretary of GFEI said:

'It is very thrilling to achieve this level of recognition for the work which is carried out by GFEI partners all across the world. Our commitment to this work grows and grows because the benefits to be gained from action on fuel economy are so huge and so important. From reduced CO2 and massive resource savings to huge financial gains, we want to see the whole world on track for better fuel economy - and we will continue our efforts until it is.'