Saving energy makes sense – EP100 dinner

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Guests watch presentations at the EP100 Unlocking Energy Productivity dinner.
Guests watch presentations at the EP100 Unlocking Energy Productivity dinner.

Held by candlelight in an atmospheric setting within Marrakech’s walled old city, the EP100 Unlocking Energy Productivity dinner was a high-level networking opportunity, featuring discussion and policy commentary about the role of the private sector in achieving climate goals by doing more with less energy. As one of the Sustainable Energy for All accelerator initiatives, and a sponsor of the event, GFEI had a unique platform to share with corporate guests the importance of improved vehicle fuel economy and build connections for new sustainable mobility.

The three headline speakers of the event were Rachel Kyte, Chief Executive of Sustainable Energy for All, the US Energy Secretary, Dr. Ernest Moniz, and the global solar adventurer Bertrand Piccard. Rachel Kyte highlighted how energy efficiency is target 7.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals, which she described as the ‘largest crowdfunding effort of ideas’. She said that nothing short of a revolution in energy efficiency is needed alongside securing low carbon energy access. ‘Now is not a time to be timid’ she said, announcing that SE4ALL is launching a major conference in New York in April to continue to push this further.

Dr Moniz highlighted the important role that US standards have played in improving the efficiency of the internal combustion energy. He highlighted new US truck standards that aim to double the efficiency of trucks. He also highlighted the series of ‘challenge’ programmes that the Department of Energy has instigated that promote improved efficiency, and save businesses money.

Bertrand Piccard explained that his attempt to fly around the world in a solar powered plane could only be achieved by improved energy efficiency. Given current battery and solar technology it was necessary to ensure that the energy was used as efficiently as possible in order to be able to continue flying at night.

Following these presentations and guests had eaten dinner, Sheila Watson (pictured above) shared with guests the importance of improved vehicle fuel economy for reducing carbon emissions, and invited them to invest in vehicle efficiency.