Mauritius introduces new fuel economy label

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GFEI, through UN Environment, has been working with Mauritius since 2010 and has supported a series of measures to improve fuel economy. These include a ‘feebate’ scheme in 2011, and updates to the vehicle tax system in 2016 and 2019.

In 2019, new taxes measures to incentivise hybrid and electric vehicles were introduced. Excise duty was reduced by between 5% and 15% depending on the type/rating of the electric vehicle. This new taxation structure has resulted in a significant increase in hybrid and electric vehicles to 14,060 units and 206 units respectively in January 2020 compared to just 43 hybrid vehicles and 2 electric cars a decade earlier.

As a further measure to promote choice of more fuel-efficient vehicles, in May 2019 Mauritius adopted a mandatory requirement for a fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission label in all vehicles. The country also engaged in a fuel efficiency communication campaign involving the national population and car dealers.